Legal Lightbulbs Episode 3 : How can firms keep new lawyers?

Legal Lightbulbs Episode 3 : How can firms keep new lawyers?

The question of how to attract and retain graduate lawyers is “one of the most vexing issues” facing law firms. Why is it so difficult to hold on to the next generation of leaders in law?
In episode 3 of Legal Lightbulbs, Jerome asks Fionn about the issues that give rise to new and young legal professionals wanting to move on from the firms with whom they began their careers, why it is so important for firms to figure out better retention strategies, the war stories that can and do emerge from those coming through the ranks, whether greater transparency about the realities of life in big law firms could be the difference-maker and how such honesty harks back to the need for market differentiation.

Jerome and Fionn also reflect on whether firms should be more honest about law firms as a business, whether there is a need to imbue individual responsibility in lawyers to learn more about the machinations of the firm in which they work, and the potential utility in offering the “unvarnished truth” about life in law and how it will affect those graduates coming through the ranks.


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