Law. Designed by you.

You’re an experienced lawyer with a passion for what you do.

But you can’t help wondering if this is as good as it gets.

Let us show you how it can get better.

— You are looking for —


Challenging, fulfilling roles
Life flexibility
Value for what you do + income to reflect that

— You have —


Major firm training
An adventurous spirit


Perhaps you’re in a major firm right now with “happiness” just around the corner if you can “stick it out”.

Maybe you’re in-house and you miss the challenge of great legal work at a firm but you don’t miss the firm.


Maybe you want to start a sole practice and need a ‘soft landing’ while you get yourself set up, or maybe you’re already contracting.  


You want to bring in more work and you want to grow.

“I’m earning a lot more per hour, I get to decide who I work for, and I haven’t missed an important moment with the kids since I joined Bowd”

— Current Bowd Lawyer

How it works



Fill out your dating profile. Express your interest through our online form, no cheesy photo required.


Our AI Bots will run you through our patented matchmaking programme. Just kidding, a real person will read your profile and get in touch.​


We start looking for your Perfect Match. We check existing job openings and depending on your background, we may approach existing clients about you.​


Time to get our hopes up! We put you forward anonymously for a placement. If you have what they need and you like what you see, we send your CV.​


A coffee date. If things look good on paper, your partner-to-be will buy you a coffee and you can get to know each other.​


If everyone is feeling it, it’s time to get exclusive. If you like them and they like you, let’s make it happen. Dinner and show optional.​


Not all matches are made in heaven. We will check in with you over the course of the placement to see if any marriage counselling is needed.​