WATCH NOW: Discriminating against Female Lawyers

Watch Now: Discriminating against Female Lawyers.

Law firms are unwittingly discriminating against women graduates. Because lawyers aren’t very good at maths! When you’re taking in 50% male and 50% female graduates, you’re actually discriminating against the females, because what you’ve failed to take into account is that 65% of students coming out of law degrees are female. So when we are looking at the firms trying to do the right thing and keep things balanced, what it actually means is that they are privileging that 35% of males, and giving them a leg up by hiring more of them. What needs to be done instead is hiring proportionately to the numbers coming out of university. 


And thinking longer term, towards wanting a 50/50 partnership split – knowing that a lot of women leave their careers early, you need to start with more to begin with to give you a head start.  We still only have 30% female partners, so let’s at least start by fixing the 50/50 split for graduates.


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