Legal Lightbulbs Episode 7: Can we make the office better than home?

Legal Lightbulbs Episode 7:Can we make the office better than home?

The novelty of working remotely, or flexibly, has not worn off for many legal professionals. The mainstreaming of WFH is, for some, an irreversible trend. But are there ways that the office can become a more enticing workspace?


On this episode of Legal Lightbulbs, hosts — Lawyers Weekly editor Jerome Doraisamy and Bowd chief executive Fionn Bowd — reflect on the bounty of choice that legal professionals have in determining where they work from each day, the systemic and environmental issues that meant that some pre-pandemic workplaces were not conducive to collegiality and development, and why businesses should even see upside in having staff come back in to a shared workspace.


The hosts also dive into whether the law office is even salvageable in the post-pandemic new normal, how best collaboration and efficiency can be gleaned in new-look office spaces, the inextricable need for better training and development in person, and understanding that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to recreating a vibrant, full office moving forward.


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