Legal Lightbulbs Episode 4: Why are junior lawyers so unhappy?

Legal Lightbulbs Episode 4: Why are junior lawyers so unhappy?

Legal employers have made great strides in recent years to better accommodate and cater to the myriad wellness needs of professionals. However, there are longstanding structural issues that impact the wellbeing of those coming through the ranks, which are incredibly difficult to overcome.

On episode 4 of Legal Lightbulbs, hosts Jerome Doraisamy and Fionn Bowd discuss the circumstances that give rise to elevated levels of unhappiness as well as psychological distress, anxiety and depression among new practitioners. They talk about reactive versus proactive approaches, inherited structural problems, and whether junior lawyers prefer WFH arrangements as a way of counteracting some of the worst aspects of the workplace.

Jerome and Fionn also reflect on whether WFH arrangements will improve happiness levels over time or whether they will give rise to new problems. They ask whether employers have a duty to meaningfully and honestly communicate with staff about the expectations and parameters of legal work, whether there is an individual responsibility to manage one’s own wellness, and ultimately, whether we should take the view that honesty from all parties is essential to moving forward.


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