How to snap out of ‘work creep’ – a discussion on work-life balance

Last week I was interviewed by ABC Radio about fatigue and overwork in law firms. My goal was to elevate the discussion above the usual topics of blaming law firms for the billable hour ‘culture’ and partners for the overwork of juniors.

I talked instead about the impact of changing client demands, globalisation and technology (as well as the personality types of lawyers). I gave my view that few lawyers, including partners, choose to work punishing hours.

I touched on the ways I believe we can improve things, from the Bowd model of specialist out-sourced lawyers, to redefining roles and empowering team members to solve their own problems.

Another guest on the show was Professor Julia Richardson who said that studies have shown that work-life balance makes people more creative, more innovative, more committed to their workplace and significantly less likely to leave their employer. She also mentioned a study on male lawyers she undertook in the past.

If you think you’d like to give it a listen, you can find it here.


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